Smart energy for electric fleets

Guided Energy puts EV operations on autopilot.


Machine Learning allocations for fleet managers to make decisions on vehicles, chargers and jobs.


API control of charger power output, real-time monitoring and driver alerting / routing.


Finance modules to simplify payments, track expenses and reconcile invoices.


Car Rental

We help our car rental customers ensure that the right EV is charged in time for every booking to deliver a great end-customer experience. Our optimisation algorithms get more vehicles charged faster with less infrastructure and at a lower cost. For depots without access to charging, the Guided Energy platform lets you tap into third party charging stations as if they were your own.


Logistics and delivery

Whether on the road or in the depot, the Guided Energy Platform helps ensure EVs are charged and finish their deliveries on time. With live monitoring and real-time scheduling, we ensure the full fleet has the right level of charge to complete the next shift on time.



Guided Energy increases EV profitability while delivering a better experience for EV drivers on ridesharing platforms. By leveraging battery and charger availability data, our platform empowered drivers to make better charging decisions in anticipation of the forecasted demand. Furthermore, we exposed our proprietary data on state of charge, forecasted number of rides and optimal mileage rides - via API - to be used as inputs for the matching algorithm.

Our mission

Electrification will
unlock efficient and automated fleets.

The world is electrifying in the fight against climate change, and commercial fleets are no exception. To hit regulatory and investor targets, businesses must electrify 95 million vehicles by 2030. However, there's a problem: this transition will fail if fleets are unable to adapt their operating model.Why? Because operating an electric fleet is nothing like topping up a tank of gas. A single charge can cost you a dollar or over 30. It could take an hour to charge a car or the whole day. And, although there exist pools of data, they live in fragmented silos which are impossible for fleets to manage at scale.Thus, refuelling is no longer about finding the cheapest reseller of diesel. Without technology, electric fleets are burning cash on underused infrastructure and overspending on costly charging while actually hitting fewer jobs per day.This is where we come in. At Guided Energy, we are building the unifying, software layer for fleets to charge and operate their electric vehicles.

Anant Kapoor

Co founder, CEO

Anant led product management teams to decarbonise transportation. He spent 4+ years developing SaaS for fleets and logistics as PM & Head of Product. He worked side-by-side with fleet managers in depots & with drivers in vans.

Eric Daoud-Attoyan

Co founder, CTO

Eric is an expert in Machine Learning to optimise geographically distributed resources. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning and Optimal Transport problems from INRIA and Université Paris-Saclay before which he built the marketplace recommendation engine at ManoMano.

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